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Elite Serum Rx is a powerful eye serum designed to reduce dark spots, bags, wrinkles and more.

"I am very pleased that safety-oriented physicians like myself can now recommend Elite Serum Rx for patients suffering from age-related facial skin concerns"

Dr. Mark Weis, MDKU School of Medicine

Eye Serum for dark circles, wrinkles, bags
This powerful eye serum works in areas where cosmetic injections can not.
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With over 50,000 active Facebook fans, Elite Serum™ Rx is
the most talked about anti-aging eye serum in the world.
This incredible scientific breakthrough in advanced skin care technology is specifically designed to be applied to the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. It has been exclusively formulated using a combination of unique and extremely potent peptides. As such, it works to reduce eye wrinkles in a manner that is beyond what a topical wrinkle cream or cosmetic injection can offer. It is also intended to effectively reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and regular application can significantly improve tone, firmness and skin elasticity while restoring a youthful looking eye contour for users of all ages.
Elite Serum Reviews
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What are the active ingredients in Elite Serum™ Rx?
Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) contains an unprecedented and extremely effective, highly concentrated
blend of potent medical-grade patented peptides and nature's most gifted moisturizers.
Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream
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Elite Serum™ Rx Contains 8 Potent Peptides at Clinical Levels


Argireline® is the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. It is considered by experts, including Dr. Oz, to be the best needle-free alternative to cosmetic injections. Argireline® has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth, especially around the eyes. This was proven in a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002. In this report, it was demonstrated that a cream containing 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 used by healthy women volunteers reduced wrinkle depth up to 30 percent after 30 days of treatment.

How exactly can a peptide that you directly apply to the skin reduce wrinkles just like a cosmetic injection?

As an alternative to topical injections, Argireline® triggers the relaxation of the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines around the eyes. This hexapeptide mimics the N-terminal end of SNAP-25 and competes with this natural protein for a position in the SNARE complex. As a result, neurotransmitters are not released efficiently and facial contractions are weakened and muscles relaxed. This inhibits the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.

In only 15 days, 10 healthy women subjects received a wrinkle reduction of 17% while using a Argireline® based cream. After 28 days, the subjects experienced an average of a
32% decrease in wrinkle depth:
Argireline eye serum for wrinkles and discoloration
0 Days 15 Days
Argireline eye cream
0 Days 28 Days


SYN®-TC is a synthetic peptide-based complex, tailor-made to ensure best performance for high-perfoming, anti-aging eye serum formulas. It significantly increases the formation of Collagen I, III, IV, VII and XVII to facilitate their unique contribution to beautiful, smooth skin. In a comprehensive study consumers confirmed the experienced a new dimension of skin smoothing around the delicate eye areas. In only 28 days at usage level of 2.5%, the skin around the eyes becomes smoother with a softer touch and an improved overall young-looking appearance.

The picture in the right shows the tight interaction between the dermal collagens I and III and the DEJ collagens IV, VII, and XVII. Each of these collagens varies in structure and functionality. Pentapharm’s key finding was that in order to ensure highest collagen level and functionality in vitro different tailor-made peptide sequences have to be confirmed. SYN®-TC is a combination of those peptide sequences that work in vitro on dermal collagens I and III as well as on the DEJ collagens IV, VII, and XVII - all in one product.


The anti wrinkle octapeptide SNAP-8 is an elongation of the hexapeptide Argireline®. It is well known that the molecular mechanism involved in face aging is directly related to changes in the conformation of the collagen triple helix, degradation of the elastin polypeptides and certain disorder in the packing of the lipidic matrix of the skin. It has been clearly established that these conformational changes and the disturbance of the perfect packing of the lipid matrix can be significantly avoided by modulating muscle contraction.

Muscles are contracted when they receive neurotransmitter released from inside a vesicle. The SNARE (SNAp REceptor) complex is essential for this neurotransmitter release at the synapsis. It is a ternary complex formed by the proteins VAMP, Syntaxin and SNAP-25 (SyNaptosomal Associated Protein). This complex is like a cellular hook which captures vesicles and fuses them with the membrane for the release of neurotransmitter.

SNAP-8 is a mimic of the N-terminal end of SNAP-25 which competes with SNAP-25 for a position in the SNARE complex, thereby modulating its formation. If the SNAREcomplex is slightly destabilized, the vesicle can not release neurotransmitters efficiently and therefore muscle contraction is attenuated, preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles.

SNAP-8 biochemical mechanism
SNAP-8 Moisturizers
Efficacy tested for the reduction of eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness by trusted partner, Bureau Veritas.

Haloxyl Haloxyl®, also known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. This peptide works by encouraging proper circulation in that area. Essentially, studies have proven that Haloxyl® reverses the fluid build up that naturally occurs when you sleep. Eyelid swelling is a common cause of puffiness and dark circles. Accordingly, when you lie down, gravity causes fluid to accumulate in your lower eyelids. Haloxyl® counteracts this effect by increasing the lymphatic drainage by 85% in clinical studies.

Furthermore, a recent clinical study by SeDerma® concluded that Haloxyl® reduces dark circles under the eyes by 600%. This is the result of the proprietory way that Haloxyl® breaks down and flushes out of the eye area the toxin-formed pigmented blood that causes these dark circles to form.

22 healthy subjects applied a moderate 2% concentration of Haloxyl® for 8 weeks, and received a 19% reduction in the dark colored circles under the eyes.



Eyeliss™ is a proprietary combination of three active peptide molecules which are designed to rapidly and effectively reduce puffiness and bag volume under the eyes by over 70% upon application. This bio-molecular engineered solution was discovered as a result of sensory perception screening tests which were specifically designed to treat puffiness under the eyes.

The components of Eyeliss™ are as follows;

Hesperidin methyl chalcone acts to decrease the capillary permeability of the sensitive skin of the lower eylid. This newly discovered molecule works fast to prime the delicate skin for lymphatic drainage and toning.
Dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane is a peptide who's purpose is to increase lympatic circulation leading to drainage. It is this peptide which is most responsible for safely draining the fluid out of the puffy eye bags.
Lipopeptide Pal-GQPR acts quickly to improve skin firmness and elasticity, whereby removing fine lines and wrinkles on the sensitive lower eyelid skin. Furthermore, this peptide actively decreases the inflammatory phenomena commonly caused by other lymphatic drainage agents.

Principle of a 3D morphometric study

Eyeliss Eyeliss serum
The software measures the distance between the surface of the bag
before treatment and the surface of the bag after treatment


Matrixyl™3000 contains two matrikines™, Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR which act in synergy to restore and maintain skin's youthful appearance.

Matrikines are messengers of cutaneous restructuration and repair. They activate the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix macromecules, thus providing Matrixyl™3000 with a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy. As messenger molecules, these matrikines™ are capable of regulating cell activities. More specifically, they interact with specific receptors to trigger the stimulation of certain genes involved in the process of extracellular matrix renewal and cell proliferation.

With age these complex mechanisms become progressively weaker. As such, the supplemental use of an advanced restoration multi-peptide like Matrixyl™3000 becomes an essential part of the formula for maintaining smooth skin around the eyes. Accordingly, in extensive clinical testing undertaken by SeDerma, the application of a serum containing Matrixyl™3000 has been proven to reduce unwanted expression wrinkles by 45% in only 2 months, along major and significant improvements in elasticity and tone.

Matrixyl 3000 Serum


Inyline™ Solution, created by Lipotec, brings a novel approach to the cosmetic treatment of expression wrinkles around the eyes.

There are two main strategies to minimise muscle contraction:

PRE-SYNAPTIC strategy, which involves different mechanisms that restrain or inhibit the release of the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine) from the motor neuron. The most known example of this is a cosmetic injection, which inhibits ACh release into the synapse from the vesicles in such a dramatic way that it paralyses the muscle.

POST-SYNAPTIC strategy, which avoids or diminishes the ligand (ACh) – receptor (AChR) binding responsible for the formation of the action potential. In this strategy, although the neurotransmitter is released into the synapse, the post-synaptic apparatus does not respond to it.

Inyline™ targets this second strategy by blocking the agrin binding site in MuSK and its mechanism of action causing modulation of muscle contraction leading to muscle relaxation. In the treatment of expression wrinkles around the eyes, its pathway is critical in the contraction process and therefore its blockage results in muscle relaxation, with the skin surface appearing smoother and line depth decreasing.
Inyline serum

SYN®-Coll stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts. Skin aging and in particular, chronic UV exposure, leads to degenerative changes in skin. This is characterized by distinct alterations in the composition of the dermal extra cellular matrix (ECM). The consequences are manifold such as increased skin fragility, leathery skin appearance and formation of wrinkles. Collagen represents the main component of the ECM of the dermal connective tissue. Thrombospondin I (TSP) is a multifunctional protein that activates the latent but biologically inactive form of TGF (Tissue Growth Factor). TGF is known as the key element in the synthesis of collagen and binds to a particular sequence in the TSP molecule. This sequence is known as ARG-PHE-LYS.

As a molecule able to activeate TGF, SYN®-COLL is considered to be an ideal aqueous based peptide. It contains a unique sequence designed to mimic the human body's own mechanism to product collagen via TGF. Accordingly, SYN®-COLL actively compensates for any collagen deficit, thus making the skin look younger.

Anti-wrinkle effect of SYN®-Coll.

The study was performed on 60 volunteers. SYN®-COLL has been compared against placebo and against a reference substance. Syn-coll serum

Both products have been used at the recommended use level calculated for their active principle. The study lasted 84 days with a twice- daily application

Anti-wrinkle effect of SYN®-Coll.

Using the PRIMOS® technique, parallel stripe patterns are projected on the sample with successive phase shift. The analysis of fringe deformations provided a qualitative, as well as quantitative, evaluation of each height profile.


Macro photographs are done with Nikon® D1 a digital camera.
The photographs are taken in standardized, indirect light.

After 84 days of twice-daily application of 2.5% SYN®-COLL parameters average relief (Rz) and maximum relief (Rt) significantly decreased by -12%: -22 µm and -36 µm respectively (p= 0.05) characterizing smoothing and anti wrinkle effects.

Science Inspired Cosmeceuticals
Elite Serum™ Rx is Oil-Free and Moisturizes like an Eye Cream

Red & Green Seaweed Extract

Natural seaweed extracts uniquely function to target glycation and preserve the skin's natural collagen. In in-vitro tests, these extracts have been shown to inhibit skin degrading enzymes and the glycation process. Glycation is triggered when the naturally occurring sugar molecules in the skin bond to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme. The resulting glycation process impairs the functioning of biomolecules, which weakens the skin structure at a cellular level, leading to a less firm surface and a greater tendency towards wrinkling.

In addition, studies have shown that natural seaweed extracts inhibit elastase and collagen, two enzymes linked to the break down of the structural proteins found in the skin. As the in vivo tests also demonstrated, it is able to inhibit a range of viruses entering cells, and as such it is the ideal ingredient for therapeutic facial cleanser.

seaweed extract

Improves skin appearance

In-vivo tests revealed the ingredient to be effective in reducing skin aging among clinical trial panelists. Subjects applied a formulation that included seaweed extract at one per cent twice a day for 12 weeks, which resulted in a 9.45 per cent decrease in wrinkle depth. Expert grading carried out at the end of the study showed skin tone, firmness, and elasticity, showed an improvement of 67.6 per cent. Similarly, overall skin appearance improved 68.4 per cent. The expert grading also reported a 92.1 per cent improvement in skin dryness and roughness.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is the key for maintaining water substances in human skin. Due to aging, natural Hyaluronan concentration in the skin decreases at an alarmingly increasing rate over time. Accordingly, the skins ability to maintain moisture is weakened, and it gives the appearance of being dry and rough.

When Hyaluronic Acid is applied back to the skin, it penetrates the dermis, combines with water, and promotes micro circulation and nutrient absorption. It forms an air permeable layer, to keep the skin moist and smooth. The result is a rapid skin rejuvenation, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet and other cosmetic signs of age around the eyes caused by sun exposure, smoking, stress, and other common factors

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the newest injectable facial treatment gels designed to slow and hide the effects of aging.

hyaluronic acid
This image illustrates the effects of aging on hyaluronic acid content in skin. Notice how the naturally occuring hyaluronic acid content in skin falls dramatically at age 45.
moisturizing eye cream
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How it all works ...
How Elite Serum works
New Elite Serum

A concentrated dose of ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extract helps to increase skin suppleness and fill delicate fine lines. Concurrently, the potent peptides of Argireline®, Hyloxyl®, Eyeliss™, Matrixyl™3000, SYN®-COLL and SNAP-8 have been shown to revitalize lost collagen and fibronectin in the skin. It is this natural loss of collagen that causes the thinning skin and wrinkling that is normally associated with aging skin.

Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) contains only the best clinically tested peptides from the likes of Pentapharm, Sederma, Lipotec, LucasMeyer and Centerchem. These companies are at the forefront of the latest in advanced dermatological discoveries. SkinPro® is always one of the first manufacturers to know about new breakthroughs in skin care technology, and an early adopter of its implementation in products.

So, while there are a number of versions of Elite Serum™ that have been produced over the years, this official website sells only the current and most updated formula that reflects the pinnacle of continued research and development. In order to guarantee authenticity and that you are buying the latest and most efficacious version available, SkinPro® highly recommends that you use only Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength). This is available through our secure checkout system.

Advanced features and benefits...

Formulated with the highest concentration of medical grade ingredients.
Rich seaweed extract base as used by the world's most expensive serums.
Contains scientifically advanced peptides that have proven results.
Delivers a youthful and vibrant appearance around the eyes.
Rapidly brings oxygen and nutrients to the eye area.
Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Feel the difference directly under and around the eye area within minutes.
Ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing application.
No injection needed. It works on areas where painful cosmetic injections can not.
A Cooling, hyper toning sensation indicates that the serum is working.
Scientifically designed as hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating.
Can be used safely and beneficially in conjunction with other skin care products.
Ability to work alone as needed as a powerful eye serum.
Manufactured in the USA in an advanced FDA registered research laboratory.
Best Eye Serum by SkinPro

The Revolutionary Formula
Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) is widely considered to be the most intensive anti-aging eye serum formula on the market today. Compare for yourself, as no other eye serum contains such a compelling mixture of marquee ingredients. All of which are instrumental in the fight against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

The award-winning serum is contained in a 0.47 oz applicator syringe. This is enough for a 45-60 day supply when used twice daily, as directed. Elite Serum™ Rx is so powerful, that only a tiny drop needs to be dispensed for maximum effectiveness. The patent-pending syringe that houses the serum is scientifically engineered for easy and even distribution from the pump to your fingertip, cutting out the guesswork normally associated with other serums.

The extra strength blend contains an extremely potent concentration of Argireline®, Hyloxyl®, Eyeliss™, Matrixyl™3000, SYN®-COLL and SNAP-8. This is the only formula on the market designed by scientists that contains this unique combination of advanced and clinically proven peptides that are designed to reviatlize and rejuvenate lost collagen and fibronectin in the skin.

Where is Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) made?

Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) was scientifically designed and formulated by clinically trained cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams. It is manufactured in a state of the art 70,000 square foot facility in Miami, Florida. From the ISO 9002 laboratory to the production staff, all employees are all trained on GMPs, SOPs and all FDA rules and regulations. The facilities are subject to random inspection from the United States Food and Drug Administration, the State of Florida Health Department and the Department of Agriculture.

This is not your mother's department store bought eye serum.
True scientific breakthroughs in the anti-aging industy have historically been extremely rare events. The majority of the clinical research and development in the sector is conducted by a handful of the major pharmaceutical conglomerates. Most of these are publically traded companies who's sole objective is maximizing shareholder value. Accordingly, the industry has always been focused on promoting either the sale of expensive products or surgical procedures. SkinPro®, the manufacturers of Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength), have always taken pride in being a middle ground for consumers looking for effective anti-aging products without the side effects commonly attributed to topical medication or injection therapy.

The development of Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength) combines years of dedicated scientific research and development by a world-class team of cosmetic pharmacists and chemists. Research and development is the most important objective at SkinPro®. Never before has such a single-purpose cosmeceutical been so potent that the most respected cosmetic surgery medical journal in the world, Plastic Surgery Practice, praised its efficacy in an unsolicited editorial. For the first time ever, ordinary skin care consumers can experience and enjoy for themselves the benefits of a needle-free eye serum that works where painful cosmetic injections can not.

Have the numerous medical accolades, the journal and media awards, or the proven skin care science not yet convinced you to give this product a try? If so, you may be waiting to see what actual customers have to say about their experiences with this incredible new anti-aging eye serum. We encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel where real users have submitted review videos of all types. Following your initial evaluation, please consider submitting your genuine video or written review. Or, simply call us toll-free and tell us what you think about Elite Serum™ Rx (Extra Strength).   As always when dealing with SkinPro®, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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